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What types of needle bearing retainers are available?

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1. "TW" type:

Molded nylon cage. Reduce the fluctuation of running torque, suitable for high speed running. The cage is guided by the ball. Working temperature range of - 30 ° C to + 120 ° C. In addition, glass fiber reinforced nylon is also available, which is stronger and faster.

2. "J" type:

Two bands of two halves, half assembled from one side and half assembled from the other. Fold the convex tongue down to secure both halves. The cage is guided by the ball. The "loose" locking type provides lower torque. The material is 302 stainless steel. Brass and carbon steel are also supplied. These types of cages can operate at low to medium speeds. Standard configuration is loose roll. Compact joint (JF) for higher speeds. Super loose (JL) for low torque applications.

3. "RJ" type:

This type of cage is suitable for larger bearings with high bearing capacity (bore diameter > 10 mm). It is a two-piece ribbon made up of two halves, half from one side and half from the other. These two parts are riveted together and are strong enough to withstand higher levels of vibration and acceleration. The cage is guided by the ball. Material is 302 stainless steel or carbon steel plate.

4. "W" type:

Integral steel crown. Mainly used for very small bearings. This type of cage is inner ring oriented. The material is type 410 stainless steel. The cage snaps in from the side above the ball. It has excellent performance in low torque and low speed applications. In general, integral steel crowns are not intended for high speed applications.
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