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What are the installation methods for needle roller bearings?

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In order to accurately install the rammed outer ring needle roller bearing in place, the outer diameter of the selected auxiliary roller and auxiliary sleeve shall be 0.1-0.3mm smaller than the shaft diameter. When installing, grease the inner surface of outer ring needle roller bearing, and place the needle roller against the inner surface.

Then push the auxiliary roller or auxiliary sleeve that replaces the shaft neck or bearing inner ring into the hole of outer ring, and make its end face align with the end face of mounting shaft or bearing inner ring that has been installed on the shaft, and then apply pressure with a press or hand hammer. But for those rammed outer ring needle roller bearings without inner ring or outer ring, the rolling surface of shaft or shell hole can be coated with a thin layer of grease before installation, and the needle roller is successively attached to the grease at the installation site.

It should be noted that there should be a gap when the last needle roller is placed. The gap should be 0.5mm on the circumference of the needle roller bearing of the stamping outer ring. At the same time, it should be remembered that the last needle roller cannot be forced into the assembly or one needle roller is missing, because the outer ring needle roller bearing will be stuck and unable to rotate during the hard extrusion. And if less will lead to excessive clearance, easy to cause the bearing running needle torsion and fracture.

In addition, for the rammed outer ring needle roller bearing with only the rammed outer ring, because the outer ring wall is very thin, do not use the hammer to knock the installation, should use the press press. Because the hammer, pressure is not uniform, it is easy to stamping the outer ring needle roller bearing outer ring local deformation.
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